Top score for a.s.r. in fraud policy survey


​a.s.r. has come top in a survey conducted by the Consumer-Oriented Insurance Quality Mark (KKV), which is a reflection of how well insurance companies investigate, prevent and respond to fraud. A total of 39 insurers were examined.


The survey ­looked at whether, and to what extent, insurance companies pursue an active fraud control policy, whether the information about such policies is easy to find on their website and whether they have appointed a fraud coordinator. a.s.r. achieved a score of 93% on all these points against an average score of 73%.


The KKV researchers cited as plus-points the fact that a.s.r. actively drew customers’ attention to its anti-fraud policy and addressed fraud in the brochures handed out by loss adjusters following a claim. They also congratulated a.s.r. on conducting data analyses and appointing a team of dedicated specialists to work on it.

More data analysis

Ber Onderwater, P&C account manager at a.s.r.: ‘We’re extremely proud to be awarded first place. We’ll be focusing even more strongly on professional fraudsters and their networks over the coming years, based partly on data analysis.’

The Quality Mark Institute believes that anti-fraud policies are vital to protect the interests of consumers, given that fraud can lead to higher insurance premiums. According to the institute, an active anti-fraud policy reduces the scope for fraud, which in turn keeps premiums down.