Response a.s.r. to Minister of Finance letter


Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem informed the Dutch House of Representatives today regarding a.s.r.’s privatization. The minister means to temporarily suspend a.s.r.’s independent privatization, so that a.s.r. has the opportunity to play a role in the sale of SNS Reaal’s insurance activities.​​

Jos Baeten, CEO: ‘We have been closely involved in the preparation of NLFI’s advice to the minister of Finance. This corresponds with our vision of a.s.r.’s return to private ownership. We endorse the minister’s plan to suspend the dual-track policy, so that a.s.r. may consider a bid on SNS Reaal’s insurance activities. Our position has always been to thoroughly investigate opportunities for consolidation in the Dutch insurance market. At the same time, we are exploring potential minority shareholders that will make this acquisition possible.

In the midst of such a process, we mean to continue our chosen path with regards to our strategy, positioning, culture and business practices as a general principle. So that a.s.r. is in the best shape possible for a successful return to the private market, in whatever form.’