Proposal appointment two new supervisory directors ASR Nederland N.V.


ASR Nederland N.V. intends to nominate Sonja Barendregt (right photo) and Stephanie Hottenhuis (left photo) at the general meeting of shareholders (AGM) on 31 May 2018 as members of ASR Nederland N.V.’s Supervisory Board. Sonja has previously worked for PwC and Stephanie for Arcadis.

Sonja Barendregt (1957) started her career in 1975 at one of the legal predecessors of the accounting and tax consulting firm PwC and was a partner between 1998 and 2017, specialising in the financial sector. Among other things, Sonja was chairman of PwC’s international pensions group and responsible for diversity. Since 2017, she has been a member of the Supervisory Board of de Volksbank.

Stephanie Hottenhuis (1965) was a member of the Executive Board of Design & Consultancy firm Arcadis from 2012 until the beginning of March 2018. Since 1996, she worked there in various management positions in Europe and Asia. Before being appointed to the Executive Board, she was responsible for Arcadis’ European activities outside the Netherlands. Stephanie has also been a member of the Supervisory Board of TenneT since 2013.

Kick van der Pol, chairman of ASR Nederland N.V.’s Supervisory Board: ‘With Sonja Barendregt and Stephanie Hottenhuis, the Supervisory Board will be strengthened by a great deal of experience and expertise. Sonja is an expert in the world of finance, while Stephanie’s expertise includes the management of listed companies, customer-orientation and corporate social responsibility. In addition, I’m very proud that the appointment of these two ladies will bring the ratio of men to women on the Supervisory Board to 50%.’

After the two candidates have been appointed, the Supervisory Board will comprise six members:

  • Kick van der Pol (chairman)
  • Cor van den Bos
  • Annet Aris
  • Herman Hintzen
  • Sonja Barendregt
  • Stephanie Hottenhuis

The Dutch Central Bank has approved both appointments. After being appointed by the AGM, the two candidates will join the Supervisory Board on 31 May 2018.