New study by Fair Insurance Guide confirms a.s.r.’s arms-free investment policy


A practical study conducted by the Fair Insurance Guide has concluded that a.s.r. is not involved in controversial weapons through investments in companies supplying arms to Saudi Arabia. The study confirms the conclusion of a 2015 study by the Fair Insurance Guide, that a.s.r. has a policy of excluding investments in arms manufacturing.



The Fair Insurance Guide has published the conclusions of a study into the involvement of ten Dutch insurance companies in arms trading with Saudi Arabia. This follow-up study to a broader study held in 2015 focused on Saudi Arabia given that, as the report claims, the country is not only ‘unfree’ with a high risk of corruption, but is currently also involved in a military conflict with Yemen.

Arms manufacturers such as BAE Systems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Raytheon do business with Saudi Arabia. The study conducted by the Fair Insurance Guide zoomed in on ten large Dutch insurers’ involvement in these companies via equities/bonds. a.s.r. is one of the four Dutch insurance companies that do not hold any investments in the specified arms manufacturers.

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