New senior management structure at ASR Nederland


ASR Nederland's Board of Directors is being restructured into an Executive Board. The number of members will be reduced to four. The Executive Board will consist of Jos Baeten (Chairman), Roel Wijmenga (CFO), Roeland van Vledder and Hans van der Knaap.

Executive Board

The current size and structure of the Board of Directors is still based on the period when ASR Nederland was part of Fortis. Due to the changes at ASR Nederland, the existing senior management structure is no longer appropriate. ASR Nederland has been an independent company since October 2008, its separation from its former parent group is complete, its internal organisation has changed and it has embarked on a new course. The role of Board of Directors has consequently changed. This also has implications for its size. Therefore, the Board of Directors consisting of six members will be restructured into an Executive Board with four members.


The areas on which the Executive Board will focus have been redefined. The allocation is based on the organisational changes that took place last year, such as the division into distribution organisations and product lines. 

The board members have been selected from the Board of Directors team as follows: 

Chairman                     Jos Baeten 

Finance                        Roel Wijmenga
Marketing                     Roeland van Vledder
Operational                  Hans van der Knaap

Jacqueline Rijsdijk and Theo Pluijter are not members of the new Executive Board. Theo Pluijter will,  as Director of Central Staffs, manage several staff departments, activities and programmes of ASR. Jacqueline Rijsdijk has said that she wishes to continue her career outside ASR Nederland.  


Jos Baeten: "Our new situation requires a new, smaller senior management structure. We are no longer an operating company of an international group, but an independent Dutch insurer. In the step we are now taking as far as the responsibilities of the Executive Board and naming are concerned, we are following normal practice among similar companies. This also creates greater external transparency."

Planned resolution
The resolution on the establishment of the senior management structure has been referred to the Works Council for their opinion.