New logo for ASR Nederland


ASR Nederland launches new logo to go with its new name.

​ASR Nederland N.V. today launches its new logo. Since 3 October 2008, ASR Nederland has operated as an independent insurer and is no longer part of Fortis. This change in status was expressed on 21 November by the introduction of the new name 'ASR Nederland'. Today sees the launch of a new logo to go with it.

It consists of an image (design mark) and a reference to the specific ASR entity (only those featuring 'ASR' in their name).
The new logo will be used not only by ASR Nederland, but also for businesses with their own name, in which 'ASR' is incorporated, such as 'ASR Verzekeringen', 'ASR Pensioenen' and 'ASR Vastgoed'.
There will be no change as far as brands are concerned that do not incorporate 'ASR' in their name, such as De Amersfoortse, Falcon Leven, Europeesche Verzekeringen, Ditzo and Ardanta. These will retain their own logos and house-style, which will not refer explicitly to their relationship with ASR Nederland.
The logo expresses what ASR Nederland stands for: a company with a human face, which offers protection for all the things that are precious to its customers. The face emphasises the centrality of the customer as a person, while the house conveys security and protection. The tree, meanwhile, represents life, growth and investment.
Phased introduction
Just as the new name was launched in stages from 21 November 2008 onwards, media featuring the new logo - including printed matter and websites - will be phased in, starting from now. For the time being, therefore, customers might continue to receive information featuring the old name and logo. The changes are scheduled for completion by the third quarter of this year.