National Mortgage Guarantee to award mandate of € 450 million to a.s.r. asset management


National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) is to award the mandate for the asset management of € 450 million to a.s.r. as at the end of May 2018. NHG’s asset management activities for its approximately € 1 billion investment portfolio will be outsourced to a.s.r. asset management and Robeco Institutional Asset Management.


In so doing, NHG shifts its investment strategy from an advisory relationship to a management relationship with institutional asset managers. a.s.r. and Robeco will continue to pursue NHG’s investment policy, which will continue to be focused on maintaining solvency and excellent risk management. NHG’s portfolio is diversified between euro bonds of countries, supranational institutions and creditworthy companies. Sustainability through monitoring ESG criteria will be added as a new requirement.

Jack Julicher, CIO at a.s.r.: ‘We are proud and pleased that NHG has placed its trust in us. Our long-term horizon is directly related to sustainable investing. We take our social responsibility by investing on the basis of strict ethical and sustainability criteria in our investment policy. Through our experience with integrated balance sheet management, we are perfectly suited to serve NHG.’

Arjen Gielen, General Manager NHG: ‘By outsourcing our asset management to these two institutional specialists, our portfolio will receive the best possible attention. This allows us to properly respond to future interest rate scenarios and developments in the housing market, ensuring that our fund remains solvent, with affordable premiums for our customers and a buffer in more difficult times.’



About a.s.r. asset management

a.s.r. asset management has well over € 55 billion under management. We are a Dutch asset manager with a matter-of-fact approach and a focus on sustainable investing. Clients of a.s.r. asset management include pension funds, insurers, donor-advised funds, charities, educational institutions and government institutions. We collaborate with these institutions on a daily basis to secure sound returns. Returns that contribute to their goals. For more information, go to www.asrvermogensbeheer.nl.

About NHG

In 1993, the guarantee fund Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen was founded by the former Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment and the Association of Netherlands Municipalities, to allow as many people as possible unhindered access to the sound financing of their homes. This led to the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), a smart and cost-neutral instrument with much potential. Through its tailor-made and smart solutions, NHG has been offering sound solutions to the mortgage market for 25 years. This way well over 1.5 million households have received a suitable mortgage since NHG’s formation, many people with payment arrears have been able to stay in their homes and more than 26,000 losses have been absorbed.