Jos Baeten relinquishes control of a.s.r. to Chahid (14) for one day


Jos Baeten has transferred his powers as CEO of a.s.r. for one day. 14-year old Chahid took over from him as part of the JINC Baas van Morgen (Tomorrow’s Bosses) programme for schoolchildren. Overall, 100 schoolchildren assumed the role of executive director for one day in the Netherlands today.

Chahid was picked up by Jos Baeten and his driver in the morning. They then drove to the office and Chahid was given a tour of the building. After that, Chahid went to work at Business Support, where he gave his input on a code of conduct for The New World of Work. The day was closed with a ‘drinks’ reception.

More than 600,000 children are growing up in underprivileged circumstances in the Netherlands. For them, getting a good start on the labour market is not a given. On Thursday, 26 January, the JINC Baas van Morgen programme offers 100 schoolchildren from a disadvantaged background the opportunity to find out what it is like to be the boss, making valuable contacts for the future in the process.

Organizer JINC is a non-profit, which is funded mainly by the corporate sector. JINC is committed to offering talented children up to the age of 16 who are from a socially disadvantaged background a head-start on the labour market. The JINC programme teaches them job application skills and introduces them to a range of different professions. Every year, JINC offers more than 43,000 primary and secondary school children from Amsterdam, Noord-Brabant, The Hague, Flevoland, Kennemerland, Leeuwarden, Rotterdam and Utrecht the opportunity to grow.