‘Insure like a boss’ - De Amersfoortse's new promotional campaign


De Amersfoortse, which is a.s.r.'s brand for the business market, is today launching a promotional campaign jokingly said to be intended for Dutch ‘bosses’ and their employees. The campaign slogan - ‘Insure like a boss’ - is intended to maximize awareness of De Amersfoortse brand and focus attention on its Doorgaanverzekering policy. The campaign can be heard on the radio and seen on billboards, online bannering and social media.

The ‘Insure like a boss’ slogan is intended to encourage both employers and employees to visit De Amersfoortse's website. By answering a quiz they can test how ‘capable’ the bosses concerned actually are. The quiz assesses whether the bosses are sufficiently well prepared for a situation in which they or their employees becomes occupationally disabled and whether employees have timely access to services such as physiotherapy or psychotherapy to enable them to carry on working.

The aim of the campaign is to maximize awareness of De Amersfoortse brand and bring the Doorgaanverzekering policy to the attention of employers and employees alike. For businesses with staff, the Doorgaanverzekering policy combines the advantages of sick leave insurance and group healthcare insurance in a single package.