Europeesche Verzekeringen now offers coverage for all types of recreational dwellings


Europeesche Verzekeringen introduces a new and improved insurance policy for recreational dwellings, including holiday homes, mobile homes and other types of recreational homes. The recreational dwellings policy also provides coverage for such structures as cottages, lodge tents, beach huts or closed gazeboes. This unique policy is available for recreational dwellings in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. It comes with standard liability insurance and also provides coverage during transport and storage in the winter season.


The recreational dwellings policy offers two types of coverage: fire and all risks. Top-up cover can be taken out for home contents, extensions or outbuildings. Optional coverage is available for private rental; the number of rental days has not been capped. If the insured recreational dwelling is completely destroyed, the policy covers its purchase price or reconstruction value. It also provides broad coverage for clean-up costs. In the past, Europeesche Verzekeringen only offered policies for brick-built and wooden holiday homes. People with a mobile home were forced to take out caravan insurance. These policies provided lower coverage in the event of full destruction.

By introducing the new and improved policy, Europeesche Verzekeringen wants to offer owners of recreational dwellings a care-free holiday feeling, both during and outside of the holiday season, no matter whether they own an immoveable holiday home, a beach hut, a mobile home, a lodge tent, a tent bungalow, a closed gazebo or a cottage. Europeesche Verzekeringen is the only insurance company to offer this policy.

For more information see: https://www.europeesche.nl/denk-nu-alvast-aan-een-verzekering


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