Efteling become Het nederlandse pensioenfonds' first customer


The Efteling amusement park is transferring its pension administration to Het nederlandse pensioenfonds (Hnpf). The contract involves nearly 2,000 members and the accompanying plan assets are worth some € 140 million. The collective transfer of accrued benefits is subject to the consent of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Het nederlandse pensioenfonds, which was created on the initiative of a.s.r., is a so-called general pension fund. Het nederlandse pensioenfonds was granted authorization to operate by DNB on 30 September.

Efteling is the first member of the open DB collective that other businesses are free to join as well. Het nederlandse pensioenfonds offers customized collectives as well. For its asset management services, Het nederlandse pensioenfonds has teamed up with partners qualifying as expert asset managers. a.s.r. vermogensbeheer will be responsible for operational asset management and Kempen Capital Management will be in charge of fiduciary asset management.

José Suarez Menendez, chairman of Het nederlandse pensioenfonds: ‘I speak for the Board when I say that we’re pleased that – after our thorough preparations – DNB has granted us authorization to operate. Now that we’re welcoming Efteling as our first customer, we’re off to a flying start. We’re confident that, with a.s.r. as the pension administrator and operational asset manager and harnessing the expertise of Kempen Capital Management as the fiduciary asset manager, we have joined hands with reliable outsourcing partners, each with their own clear role. This will allow us to offer businesses and pension funds excellent pension solutions that are unique in the market. And we’re proud that we can announce a great new customer such as Efteling right from the start; a customer that believes in what we stand for: delivering on agreed pension benefits and ensuring that pension scheme members understand what their pension is worth.’

Daan van Baarsen, CFO of Efteling: ‘At Efteling, we want to keep our employees happy, as this enables us to provide our guests with the highest possible level of service. We’re confident that joining Het nederlandse pensioenfonds is the best decision for our employees and for Efteling as an organization. The pension fund has many features that can be considered typically Dutch and this ties in perfectly with Efteling as a brand, which is strongly rooted in traditional Dutch culture.’

Although Het nederlandse pensioenfonds is an a.s.r. initiative, it operates entirely independently. Het nederlandse pensioenfonds is subject to supervision by DNB and is managed by an independent board.

Michel Verwoest, member of the a.s.r. Executive Board: ‘After minute preparations, we’re happy to see that Het nederlandse pensioenfonds has won a prestigious customer to start its operations with. a.s.r. is an insurer that helps by taking action and continuously explores new avenues for improving its business practices, for instance through the sustainable investment policy of a.s.r. vermogensbeheer. Het nederlandse pensioenfonds offers employers and pension fund appropriate group pension schemes. a.s.r. also operates a premium pension institution of its own; this institution offers pension policies and defined contribution schemes. By taking the initiative for Het nederlandse pensioenfonds, a.s.r. contributes to a sustainable future in which attractively priced pension solutions are increasingly gaining traction.’

About Het nederlandse pensioenfonds

Customer focus, simplicity and a better pension: Het nederlandse pensioenfonds is a general pension fund (in Dutch: algemeen pensioenfonds or APF) that was created in January 2016. A general pension fund is a pension administrator that has the ability to administrate pensions for multiple employers at the same time and can take over the role of pension administrator from other pension funds by leveraging different pension collectives. It is subject to supervision by DNB and is managed by an independent board. The roles of pension administrator and operational asset manager have been outsourced to a.s.r. pensioenen and a.s.r. vermogensbeheer respectively. Kempen Capital Management is the outsourcing partner for fiduciary asset management. With the knowledge we have today and a new perspective on pension administration, Het nederlandse pensioenfonds has set itself the ambition to deliver on agreed pension benefits and to ensure that pension scheme members understand what their pension is worth.