Dutch households trust front-door light door to keep burglars at bay

Less than half of Dutch households have taken usual anti-burglary measures


An a.s.r.-commissioned survey of 1,025 Dutch people conducted by Blauw Research has shown that an ample majority of them are hoping to ward off burglars by leaving their front-door light on while they are away on holiday. No fewer than 62% of respondents said that they considered leaving their front-door light on as an adequate burglary precaution. Remarkably, Dutch households take few other measures.


Although burglary prevention is very important to Dutch people, they hardly take any measures to stop intruders from entering their homes because they believe prevention is expensive and takes a lot of effort. Besides leaving the front-door light on, they mostly invest in proper locks, such as anti-lift pins (46%), cylinder locks (45%), three-point locks (39%) and burglar-proof strips (32%).

Residents of small towns are more likely to take anti-burglary/theft measures than city dwellers. This may be the reason why residents of small towns feel safer than people living in large cities. People with pets, such as watchdogs, do not feel safer than people without pets.

Social control contributes to burglary protection

25% of respondents said that they were involved in a digital neighbourhood watch, for example the Veiligebuurt-app. With this app you inform your neighbours about possible dangers in the neighbourhood.

Ber Onderwater, P&C account manager at a.s.r.: ‘During summer holidays burglars see their opportunity. Leaving your front-door light on while you are away on holiday isn’t sufficient to protect yourself against burglary. It’s much more effective if we all look out for each other rather than for ourselves alone. The police tend to make extra rounds during the summer holidays. It’s very reassuring to know that your neighbours are keeping an eye out while you’re away. Being alert as a neighbourhood is free and it reduces the likelihood of homes being burgled.’