Ditzo campaign raises € 307.650 for research into cardiovascular disease in women


Insurer Ditzo’s campaign De Hartstocht (Heartfelt journey) has raised € 307,650 for research into cardiovascular disease, the number one cause of death in women. Over the past seven weeks, a stuffed blue heart travelled over 29,000 kilometres to raise money for research into fatal disease in women. The last few metres of its journey, the heart was on board the All You Need Is Love coach, which will be bringing loved ones together for the holidays tonight.


The stuffed blue heart with built-in GPS tracker travelled more than 29,000 kilometres over the past seven weeks. For each kilometre it clocked up, Ditzo will donate € 10 to research into cardiovascular disease in women. What is more, selfies and movies with the heart were posted on social media, which raised additional funds. Insurer Menzis made an additional donation of € 10.000.

The blue heart not only went all over the country but also took trips abroad in recent weeks. It travelled to Washington D.C. in the US, to Kitzbühel in Austria and to the Zevenheuvelenloop Run in Nijmegen. The heart was on the train a lot, was washed at a laundromat and went crowd-surfing at a Lil’ Kleine rap concert. It also visited the Red Room of The Voice of Holland. Dutch celebrities such as Johnny de Mol, Gerard Joling and Gordon, Carlo Boszhart, Daphne Deckers and Heleen van Royen, and ordinary people like Maaike from Utrecht and Priscilla from Zwijndrecht also travelled with the heart and made selfies. Within seven weeks, hundreds of people helped to raise money for research into cardiovascular disease in women. And to top it all off, the heart is invited to ride on the All You Need Is Love coach tonight, when the final campaign score will be announced by actor Manuel Broekman. By donating € 307.650, Ditzo is again setting aside part of its marketing budget to help improve medical care.

The proceeds will go to the Dutch Heart Foundation, which will pass all of them on to the Cardiovascular Centre of the Utrecht University Hospital, where research is carried out into cardiovascular disease in women. Cardiovascular disease claims the lives of 57 women each day, i.e. some 2,000 a year. Researcher Dr Hester den Ruijter of the Cardiovascular Centre of the Utrecht University Hospital: ‘We are thrilled with the excellent turnout of De Hartstocht campaign, which will allow us to carry on researching cardiovascular disease in women. Our research has only just started, but it is urgently needed because cardiovascular disease develops differently in men than it does in women. That’s why we’re thankful to Ditzo for this likeable campaign and its generous donation.’