Chris Figee succeeds Roel Wijmenga as CFO of a.s.r.


Chris Figee (41) will join the a.s.r. Executive Board as CFO on 1 May 2014. He is set to replace Roel Wijmenga, who will leave a.s.r. after serving as its CFO for five years.​

Chris (H.C) Figee currently works as Director of Group Finance at Achmea and is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Staal Bankiers. Earlier in his career, Chris Figee held positions at Aegon and McKinsey.

Roel Wijmenga joined a.s.r. in early 2009 when the organization had just become independent. He took the financial reigns of a.s.r. and prepared the organization for the upcoming return to the private market. He was very successful in doing so.

Now that privatization is drawing near, a.s.r. reaches the next stage of its development. Given this context, the Supervisory Board asked Executive Board members to commit to a.s.r. for several years. Roel Wijmenga decided that, after serving on the Executive Board for five years, he does not want to commit himself to a.s.r. for another long-term period. The Supervisory Board considered this insufficient cause to continue working together and decided to terminate his employment contract and appoint a new CFO. Roel Wijmenga’s severance payment will be in line with his contract.

Roel Wijmenga will be CFO until 1 May 2014. In that capacity, he will present a.s.r.’s 2013 annual results together with CEO Jos Baeten on 26 February 2014. Chris Figee will join the a.s.r. Executive Board as the new CFO on 1 May 2014.

The a.s.r. Works Council has formally expressed approval of the appointment of Chris Figee. His appointment has been assessed by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).