AstraZeneca transfers pension plan to a.s.r.


AstraZeneca, a multinational biopharmaceutical company with a branch in Zoetermeer, has decided to transfer the pension plan of its Dutch activities to a.s.r. Pensioenen. The insured sum of the pension plan is € 190 million.


a.s.r. Pensioenen will administrate AstraZeneca’s pension plan, which encompasses the pension entitlements of 1,300 people, including 200 active members, for at least five years. AstraZeneca employees will continue to be covered by their current average-pay plan.

Robert Schuller, CFO of AstraZeneca: ‘We have chosen to go with a.s.r. Pensioenen, because we want our employees’ pensions to be administrated more efficiently. Personal attention and good communication were what swayed us towards a.s.r. Pensioenen. We very much look forward to working with them.’

Fleur Rieter, Director of a.s.r. Pensioenen: ‘We are proud that AstraZeneca has chosen us to administrate its pensions. This contributes to our ambition to be strong player in the pension market. We are always happy to listen to our customers and help devise effective pension solutions for them. Over the past months, our implementation team has arranged for a smooth transition to a.s.r. Pensioenen.’