a.s.r.'s written response to EenVandaag broadcast


a.s.r. has completed every step of the Compensation Scheme, which is why customers are no longer approached in this context. Within the scope of its complementary policy (supplementary to the generic compensation scheme), a.s.r. offers its unit-linked policyholders a number of options, including a personal consultation, free-of-charge switching to an alternative product, product modification or product discontinuation. These options are open to every customer, who can choose the alternative that is most appropriate to his or her personal situation. We are actively approaching our customers to help them make responsible choices. 

Customers who have questions about their unit-linked policies are welcome to contact us. Depending on the customer’s specific circumstances, we may invite them to an interview about their situation and product. In special cases, the parties will come to a supplementary agreement that is suitable under the circumstances. Such agreements with customers are based on their individual financial situation.

Unit-linked policies may be similar, but have different outcomes at maturity, which is why they are potentially not in step with the financial situation and the goals based on which customers took them out. To avoid unrealistic expectations and confusion with other customers, a.s.r. seeks to observe confidentiality with respect to such individual agreements. Obviously, we are also bound by a general duty of confidentiality when it comes to customer data. 

We have offered all our unit-linked policyholders (including Waerdye Beleggingsverzekering) a compensation scheme. In general, we would point out that customers (or their lawyers) are free to contact the Financial Services Complaints Authority (KiFiD) and/or a.s.r. if they are not happy with what they have been offered. We are committed to engaging in a dialogue with all customers who have questions about their unit-linked policies.