a.s.r.’s sustainable investing strategy awarded highest rating in UN PRI sustainability report


a.s.r. has been awarded an A+ rating for strategy and governance in the annual sustainability report of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), the international network for promoting sustainable investment practices for asset managers.


a.s.r. equalled or outperformed the average score on every criterion, and achieved a top score of A+ for its strategy and governance as well as for its screening of equity interests. In last year’s UN PRI assessment, a.s.r. also scored an A+ rating for strategy and governance, achieving a perfect score 30 out of 30, the same as it did this year. Last year’s score for equity interests was A; in other words, this year’s A+ rating marks an improvement.

Jack Julicher, Chief Investment Officer at a.s.r.: ‘We see our sustainable investment policy reflected in this great score. We are working hard every day to invest the premiums we receive from our policyholders in an environmentally responsible way and to achieve sustainable returns. It is important to us that UN PRI acknowledges our efforts.’

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment is a UN-supported independently operating international network of institutional investors and asset managers that is committed to promoting sustainable investment practices. UN PRI has defined six basic principles that should be taken into account when making investment decisions. On a global scale, 1,750 institutional investors and asset managers from 50 countries who jointly represent USD 70,000 billion in invested assets have joined UN PRI.

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