a.s.r. supports prompt payment initiative Betaalme.nu


a.s.r. supports the Betaalme.nu (Pay Me Now) initiative and will no longer apply a post-approval payment period for invoices from 15 May onwards. This means that suppliers will get their money immediately, which is particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Many large companies, including a.s.r., pay their suppliers in accordance with the statutory payment period, i.e. one month or sometimes even longer. This can pose a challenge to SMEs as their money is then tied up in outstanding invoices. This makes it hard for them to access sufficient liquidity, for example to grow their business or pay their own creditors.

The goal of the Betaalme.nu initiative is to make it easier for smaller suppliers to access liquidity. Large companies can help by approving their SME suppliers’ invoices more quickly and then paying them faster or offering them the option of fast financing by third parties on favourable terms.

Jos Baeten, CEO a.s.r.: 'a.s.r. wants to help entrepreneurs. We do that with custom-made insrance policies, but also for instance with our crowdfundingplatform Doorgaan.nl. For us, it's a logical step to support the Betaalme.nu initiative and pay our suppliers immediately after apporval. We don't want to let the entrepreneurs we do business with wait unnecessarily long for their money. Also in this way, we want to help the small and medium-sized enterprises.'