a.s.r. supports Dutch SMEs through successful corporate loan fund


a.s.r. has signed for a € 100 million participation in the second closing of Bedrijfsleningenfonds (BLF), a corporate loan fund of the Netherlands Investment Institution (NLII) and Robeco. As a.s.r. already had a € 30 million participation in the fund, the total now works out to € 130 million. By participating in the fund, a.s.r. is looking to contribute to the funding of Dutch SMEs.


The Netherlands Investment Institution (NLII) and Robeco announced today that BLF has raised € 480 million in funding in a second closing. a.s.r. is one of the participants. BLF works with banks to finance relatively large Dutch SMEs under standard lending conditions. After the second closing, the fund has raised € 960 million in total. Since its creation, the fund has provided no less than € 195 million worth of loans to Dutch SMEs.

Other participants in this second closing are NN Group, the pension fund for the metal industry (PMT), the pension fund for the mechanical and electrical engineering industries (PME) and the European Investment Fund (EIF). The majority of these parties were also involved in the first closing.