a.s.r. Rij Veilig app now available to all road users


The a.s.r. Rij Veilig (Drive Safely) app has been revamped to become more user-friendly. Rather than being available only to motorists, it has now also been opened up to all other road users. Thanks to the slow mode, the Rij Veilig app can now also be used when you are stuck in traffic or out on a bike ride. This feature was long overdue, given that the number of traffic casualties has risen over the past few years among both motorists and other road users.


The Rij Veilig app for motorists blocks distracting applications on your smartphone, such as incoming text messages and notifications if you move at 15 kilometres per hour or faster. The new slow mode already disables applications on your smartphone at a standstill, which is ideal for bicyclists, in-line speed skaters and motorists stuck in traffic.

Figures published by Statistics Netherlands show that the number of traffic casualties has been on the rise in recent years. In 2014, the number of traffic fatalities was 570; this number had increased to 621 in 2015, only to reach 629, including 231 motorists and 189 bicyclists, in 2016. Studies show that nearly 25% of car accidents happen because the driver is distracted, often because they are using their smartphone. One in eight motorists admit that they have been known to type a text message while driving. The share of young motorists who use their smartphone while driving is even as high as 25%.

In its capacity as a responsible insurer, a.s.r. wants to help improve road safety in the Netherlands. That is why it has introduced the Rij Veilig app to help you keep your eyes on the road.

How does it work?

The app enables itself as soon as you start moving 15 kilometres an hour or faster. From then on, distracting social media messages, text messages, the internet and hand-held calls will be blocked on your smartphone. You can still make hands-free calls and use your GPS. As soon as you come to a standstill, the block is lifted and your smartphone starts receiving all messages and notifications. If you are not driving yourself or use public transport, you can switch on the passenger mode to lift the block.

Android users can download the a.s.r. Rij Veilig app from the Google Play Store free of charge. For more information about the app, please visit www.asr.nl/rijveilig.