a.s.r. repurchases 3,000,000 of its shares


ASR Nederland N.V. (a.s.r.) has repurchased 3,000,000 of its shares. NLFI (stichting administratiekantoor beheer financiële instellingen), which is acting on behalf of the Dutch State, has sold 25,000,000 shares in a.s.r. at a price of € 29.00 per share. a.s.r. will not receive any proceeds of the sale.


The buyback fits the mandate of the Executive Board, granted by the Annual General Meeting on May 31st 2017, to repurchase own shares up to a maximum of 10% of the issued share capital. The repurchase is to be financed from the company’s own funds and will have only a limited impact on its solvency ratio. a.s.r. intends to cancel these shares in due course.

This transaction means that NLFI’s interest in a.s.r. will decrease from 36.8% to 20.1% of the total outstanding share capital. As previously announced, NLFI intends to sell all of its remaining shares in a.s.r. in due course.

The repurchase is in line with a.s.r.’s strategy of using capital in value creating opportunities and by returning capital to its shareholders in an efficient manner, for example through participation in a sale of shares by NLFI.

NLFI has agreed with the joint bookrunners, that the remaining shares in a.s.r. held by NLFI will be subject to a lock-up period of 60 calendar days after settlement of the transaction. The joint bookrunners may waive the lock-up at their sole discretion.