ASR Nederland’s chooses to renovate Utrecht headquarters


​ASR Nederland will renovate her current offices on the Archimedeslaan 10 in Utrecht. In 2009 ASR Nederland announced that the majority of her activities will be centred at one location, still to be determined. The past months the options for building a new office in or around Utrecht and Amersfoort or renovation of the current offices have been weighed.

​The renovation of the building will start in 2012 and will be executed in phases. In 2015 the building will be completed. The renovated office will offer enough room for all 4000 employees that need to be housed in Utrecht in the future due to the plans for centralization. The building will have an available surface area of 54.200 m2.

Plans for centralization
In July 2009 ASR Nederland declared it will concentrate the majority of its activities at one location, with the exception of Ardanta in Enschede and Europeesche Verzekeringen in Amsterdam. The new plans for centralizing the offices fits with its efforts to operate as one company, turn its culture towards customers, improve efficiency and substantially lower costs. Besides that, it is time the offices are updated in size, furnishing, technical fixtures and fittings due to occupancy and the implementation of the next generation working.