ASR Nederland sharpening up focus in label portfolio


​As of 1 January 2011, ASR Nederland's income and health insurance policies will be offered exclusively through De Amersfoortse.There will be a single point of control running the Marketing & Sales organisations of De Amersfoortse and ASR Verzekeringen.


De Amersfoortse is to become the specialist for income and health insurance within ASR Nederland's portfolio of labels. This will add force to the profile De Amersfoortse is already establishing for itself as the pre-eminent income insurer for business people.

This move follows on from the reorientation in the label policy and the resulting decision to position De Amersfoortse and ASR Verzekeringen in a way that differentiates more clearly between these two labels.

Earlier line

This decision is in line with earlier organisational measures:

  • A label policy was initiated in 2005 with the merger of AMEV, Stad Rotterdam and Woudsend in which a distinction is made between a general insurer, now called ASR Verzekeringen, and a number of specialist labels. This line is now being implemented for income and health insurance.
  • Last year, three measures relevant here were announced as part of the intended efficiency improvements:
    • The unit-linked insurer Falcon will be integrated into ASR Verzekeringen at the end of 2010.
    • All operations that were previously housed in 15 buildings spread over 11 locations, with the exception of those at the Europeesche and Ardanta, are gradually being transferred to a single location in Utrecht region. Arrangements have already been made for De Amersfoortse to move to the shared location by 2015 at the latest.
    • Both distribution labels - De Amersfoortse and ASR Verzekeringen - will be served by shared back offices.

A single point of control

The Marketing & Sales organisations of De Amersfoortse and ASR Verzekeringen will be managed from a single point of control. Boudewijn van Uden, currently director of Marketing & Sales at ASR Verzekeringen, will hold ultimate responsibility. His counterpart at De Amersfoortse, Peter Scholten, will be retiring on 1 June 2010, as was announced recently. 

Other specialists

In addition to the distribution labels mentioned - ASR Verzekeringen (general insurer), De Amersfoortse (income and health insurance) and Ditzo (internet insurer) - ASR Nederland also has two specialist insurers with their own back offices, namely Europeesche Verzekeringen (travel and leisure insurance) and Ardanta (funeral insurance).