ASR Nederland makes room for new Feyenoord shirt sponsor


Feyenoord and ASR will part ways in the future. The Rotterdam club and its main sponsor have agreed to conclude the sponsorship contract on 1 July 2013 at the latest. In this manner ASR gives Feyenoord the time to find a new main sponsor, since the current contract expires in 2012. Feyenoord emphasizes that with the start of the 2012-2013 season it will strive towards securing a new main- and shirt sponsor.

​Feyenoord director Eric Gudde considers this 'a classy way to part ways in the future, made possible by ASR Nederland. ASR and its predecessors have made a very congenial and reliable partner for more than twenty years. By giving Feyenoord plenty of time to find a successor, ASR shows its willingness to upholding this reputation. That deserves nothing but respect.'

CEO Jos Baeten: 'Excluding a short break during the Fortis-era we, as insurer, have been shirt sponsor since 1991. When we continued independently in 2008, the sponsorship fitted very well when introducing our new name. I look back on our years of collaboration with a positive sentiment. That ASR will withdraw as Feyenoord's main sponsor doesn't mean that all ties will be broken. Those ties are rooted too deeply in our organization and people. But ASR chooses to change the way it defines its sponsorship policy. In which manner will be decided in the coming year.'

That ASR and Feyenoord will part ways is not a surprise for Feyenoord. 'We have been debating for months now regarding the possibility that this could happen. On the one hand it is a pity, because our relationship is still amazing. But on the other hand it offers new possibilities for Feyenoord,' Gudde says.

'The past few years, several companies have asked for the opportunity to be a shirt sponsor. Those conversations were short, due to our long-term agreement with ASR and its predecessors. The situation is now due to change, and we at Feyenoord are looking forward to it with confidence. Especially in the period leading up to a new stadium, improved perspectives both in the financial and athletic domain, I expect we will be an extraordinarily attractive party for many large companies, that can proclaim their interest starting now.'