ASR Nederland and the province of Utrecht sign deed of purchase new provincial government building


The Queen's Commissioner, Mr. Robbertsen, delegate Mr. Binnekamp, chairman of the ASR Nederland Executive Board Mr. Baeten and Mr. Van der Knaap, member of the ASR Nederland Executive Board, signed the deed of purchase this morning for the new provincial government building of the province of Utrecht. The previously announced sale of the former Fortis Dutch headquarter is hereby official.

‚ÄčIn 2009, ASR Nederland already announced the desire to sell the former Fortis main office to the province of Utrecht. Meanwhile the purchase agreement was specified. Late 2010 the building will be transferred to the ownership of the province, and after renovation in 2011 the province will move into the property. They will use more than 70% of the space, Fortis Bank Nederland will rent the remainder of the building.