ASR Mixed Fund wins leading fund award


One of a.s.r.’s investment funds, the ASR Mixed Fund, received the Lipper research institute’s top award yesterday. This market-leading award for investment funds is presented once a year. The Lipper Fund Awards are given to the best-performing investment funds in each category.

The ASR Mixed Fund (also known as ASR Profielfonds G) is one of a.s.r.’s largest mixed funds, with over € 900 million in assets under management. The mixed fund was judged over a three-year period and came top out of a group of 44 similar mixed funds offered by Dutch fund providers. It was also awarded the certificate for the best fund over five years out of a group of 37 comparable mixed funds.

'We are very proud of this award,' said Jack Julicher, CIO Financial Markets. 'It strengthens our resolve to continue to develop as a fund manager for a.s.r.’s customers and offer sustainable, transparent investment products that provide good returns.'