a.s.r. highest new entry in Binck Investor Top-200


a.s.r. is by far the highest new entry in the Binck Investor Top-200, followed – at a respectful distance – by fellow newcomer Philips Lighting. Shell and ING are the numbers 1 and 2.


Binck bases its Investor Top 200 ranking on the securities portfolios of its active investors in mid-December. This is how it extrapolates its list of the 200 ‘most popular’ securities. In its ranking, Binck not only considers Dutch and international equities, but it also looks at investments in popular investment funds, bonds and ETFs.

Shell and ING

Just like last year, Shell and ING are firmly in first and second place, but KPN has now moved up to third place by jumping over Aegon and ArcelorMittal. Apple, which is the most popular US equity, falls just shy of the top 25.


a.s.r. is the highest new entry on the list. Flow Traders and Refresco were floated the year before, while the comeback of Walt Disney underscores the growing popularity of US equities. Equities such as Amazon and Netflix are also new on the list this year.

Top 5 new entries in 2016

(ranking in Top 200)


ASR Nederland 


​Philips Lighting 


​Flow Traders


Refresco Group 


​​Walt Disney

For more information, go to https://www.binck.nl/docs/librariesprovider9/overige-documenten/overige/2016_12_binckbank-top200_v1.pdf?sfvrsn=2 (in Dutch).