a.s.r. becomes social partner to FC Utrecht


Starting this football season, a.s.r. has entered into a partnership with FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk, the goal being to contribute to vitality and improving financial awareness in the Province of Utrecht.


a.s.r. has signed an agreement with FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk. The parties will make a joint effort to increase the level of vitality and financial self-reliance in society. Thanks to the partnership, FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk will be able to build on its existing projects.

Community involvement

a.s.r. and FC Utrecht share the ambition to increase the level of financial self-reliance in society. To achieve this goal, a.s.r. has created the a.s.r. Foundation and FC Utrecht is undertaking activities through FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk.

The partnership between the a.s.r. Foundation and FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk comprises such initiatives as developing a module for an online curriculum to promote financial awareness in children aged 8 to 12. In addition, a.s.r. employees will teach classes to 20 FC Utrecht supporters between the ages of 16 and 24 in order to increase their chances on the labour market.

The online curriculum elaborates on the courses FC Utrecht puts on in various schools in the Province of Utrecht. During the eight-week programme, which focuses on vitality and a healthy lifestyle, FC Utrecht players serve as role models.

Wilco van Schaik, Managing Director of FC Utrecht, sees the partnership with a.s.r. as a logical next step in the social programme of BVO, the organisation of professional football clubs in the Netherlands: ‘a.s.r. and FC Utrecht are both Utrecht-based organisations that are known throughout the country and engage with relevant social themes. We found out early on in our talks that a.s.r. is a perfect match for us. We both want to table social themes and actively contribute a better world because we believe in what we do. Based on our commitment to the game of football, to the Utrecht area and to each other, we want to warm the hearts of our supporters, the city and the province.’

Boudewijn van Uden, Director of Corporate Communications at a.s.r.: ‘a.s.r. wants its employees to become more involved in the community and contribute to a better society. Through ‘helping by taking action’, we encourage employees to get involved. That ties in with FC Utrecht and the club mentality. Just like a.s.r., FC Utrecht operates at the heart of society, has a strong footing in the local area and wants its people to support community initiatives. These common denominators form the basis of our partnership.’