a.s.r. Asset Management launches mortgage fund


a.s.r. Asset Management, a.s.r.’s asset management business, has launched the ASR Hypotheekfonds, a mortgage fund that will give participants the opportunity to invest in Dutch residential mortgages. The planned size of the fund in due course is a few billion euros. The first clients have already joined.


The mortgages included in the ASR Hypotheekfonds are newly to be originated a.s.r. WelThuis mortgages. Participants can choose between two sub-funds, one consisting of mortgages backed by the National Mortgage Guarantee (Dutch acronym: NHG) and the other of mortgages without this guarantee. This is how investors can choose for themselves which risk/return ratio to accept.

a.s.r. has decades of experience as a mortgage lender. In 2016, a.s.r. sold WelThuis mortgages worth € 1.3 billion. In total, a.s.r. has over € 7 billion worth of mortgages on its balance sheet. a.s.r. itself carries out the acceptance process and portfolio management.

Jack Julicher, Chief Investment Officer at a.s.r.: ‘Mortgages are an attractive investment proposition for institutional investors, from the perspective of asset class diversification. a.s.r. has been a stable and accredited player in the Dutch mortgage market for the past 80 years. Starting today, investors can leverage the expertise we have built up over many years.’