a.s.r. Asset Management kicks off with successful Vision of 2017 seminar


a.s.r. Asset Management presented itself officially to the outside world as an asset manager yesterday. The annual seminar is a tradition started by BNG Vermogensbeheer, which a.s.r. has decided to continue now that BNG Vermogensbeheer has been integrated into a.s.r. This year, guest speakers Professor Arnoud Boot and former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende shared their views of the pension system and developments in Dutch society. In addition to the guest speakers, Chris Figee and Jack Julicher talked about how a.s.r. sees asset management.


Jack Julicher, Director of a.s.r. Asset Management, shared his view of economic developments, such as the low rate of interest and the hunt for return in today’s challenging market. To Jack’s mind, the market is in need of integrated services for relatively small funds: ‘Funds that have up to € 1 billion in asset under management are looking for appropriate advice and services because they are faced with regulatory pressures and low interest rates. We want to offer them an all-in solution, with scope for customization.’

‘We are hopeful that we have something to add. As a Dutch player, we speak the language of the funds. Our strengths lie in real estate and mortgage services. And because we are linked to an insurer, we have experience matching assets to liabilities.’

a.s.r. Asset Management also announced that it plans to introduce a home mortgage fund. a.s.r.'s asset under management are now worth € 48 billion, € 33 billion of which is held for the insurer and € 15 billion for external clients.

Arnoud Boot, professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets at the University of Amsterdam, warned that the current pension system is no longer viable and that capital expenditure is a better way to go than investing. Jan Peter Balkenende showed himself to be a staunch advocate of reducing the regulatory burden for the corporate sector and offering businesses more scope for enterprise. He jokingly reminded the audience of a comment he made when he was still in office as Prime Minister, when he – controversially – referred to Dutch colonial history and applauded the entrepreneurial mindset that was prevalent at the time.

For an impression of the seminar, please click here.