a.s.r. annual report in the running for FD Henri Sijthoff Award


a.s.r.’s annual report has been nominated for the FD Henri Sijthoff Award 2017. a.s.r. is complimented by the jury on the progress it has made over the past few years. The winner will be announced on 24 October.


The FD Henri Sijthoff Award is granted to annual reports with a scope that stretches far beyond financial statements alone. The judges believe that, in a company’s annual report, investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders should be given a good idea of aspects such as strategy, risks and dilemmas. Companies should also specify what they are undertaking in the way of corporate social responsibility and whether they are transparent about such issues as customer satisfaction.

The judges have said that a.s.r. has made great progress; in their assessment, they state that ‘the annual report addresses strategy and objectives, but lacks a list of competitors’.

In the Small- and Midcap category, a.s.r. faces competition from Fugro and from Twentsche Kabel Holding (TKH).