a.s.r. and Infosys BPO partner to improve pensions back-office services


​a.s.r. today announced that it has selected Infosys BPO, the business process outsourcing subsidiary of Infosys, to supply back-office services for the a.s.r. labeled pensions administration, from April 1, 2015.

​Eighty seven employees of a.s.r. will be transferred to Infosys BPO. The contract was signed at the end of January by Jos Baeten from a.s.r and Anup Uppadhayay from Infosys BPO.

Quote Jos Baeten, CEO a.s.r.: “To support our vision on continuous improvement of our client services and to be more cost effective, we have selected Infosys BPO to run our pensions back-office administration. We are convinced that the experience Infosys BPO has in this area will guarantee a high quality of service. This added value of Infosys is already a current and proven practice in other parts of a.s.r. and with this step we embrace a next and strategic step in our partnership with Infosys.”

Quote Anup Uppadhayay, CEO and Managing Director Infosys BPO: “Organizations like a.s.r. need to be focused on their core business and are therefore looking to partner with experts like us to effectively streamline their operations and enable seamless running of business processes. Infosys BPO will leverage its widespread industry expertise and deep domain knowledge of managing financial services processes for leading organizations globally, to support a.s.r. in efficiently transforming their pensions back-office administration, thereby realizing enhanced business value.”