a.s.r. a positive exception in report on unethical arms trading


In a study covering ten life insurers, only a.s.r. and Achmea were found not to have any ties to controversial arms trading. The eight remaining life insurers have invested no less than € 6.8 billion in companies that supply military equipment to dictatorships and corrupt countries. In a poll of the Dutch population, 81% of respondents stated that in the light of this new information they are now prepared to switch to a different insurer

According to a study carried out by the Fair Insurance Guide, life insurers have invested almost € 7 billion in companies that do military business with countries that are under an arms embargo, are the locations of armed conflicts or are known to restrict liberties. These companies supply equipment such as attack helicopters, tanks, bombs (including cluster bombs) or radar systems to such regimes.

Out of the ten insurers covered in the study, only a.s.r and Achmea were shown conclusively not to have invested in such companies. Suzanne Oosterwijk, speaking on behalf of the Fair Insurance Guide: "Some insurers do not have a specific policy covering investments in companies involved in controversial arms trading of this kind. Other insurers do have a specific policy, but it does not go far enough or its application is restricted to certain types of investments, for example."

Changing insurer

In a survey of Dutch public opinion, 66% of respondents said they believe it is unacceptable or very unacceptable for their insurer to invest in companies that supply military equipment to controversial destinations. Of this group, 81% are prepared to switch to a different insurer for this reason.

Jack Julicher, Director of Strategic Balance Sheet Management and Financial Markets: "a.s.r.'s policy is simple. We do not invest in companies that produce dirty weapons. This research demonstrates that our policy has the full support of our customers."

In the Annual Magazine, Eduard Nazarksi of the Fair Insurance Guide had the following to say about a.s.r: "With regard to investment policy, a.s.r. scores very well in areas such as weapons and tax corruption. The policy is also published online, which means people can see how a.s.r. does things and what matters to it."