100 physiotherapists take part in online treatment pilot


One hundred physiotherapy practices are taking part in a pilot to treat patients with online support. The online HelloFysio platform allows physiotherapists to treat their patients remotely. The online support and treatment qualifies for reimbursement by health insurers ONVZ and a.s.r.

Using HelloFysio, physiotherapists can treat their patients remotely and explain the exercises they need to do using a library of 250 instruction videos. Via an app, patients get appointment reminders and can make follow-up appointments with their physiotherapist. Patients can also check on their progress and consult their treatment plan when it is convenient for them.

In the context of the pilot, ONVZ and a.s.r. will pay the one-off costs of the HelloFysio software for the 100 participating physiotherapy practices. The practices will also be given a free workshop to familiarise themselves with the application. Apart from the joining fee, therapists will also be compensated for the costs of online support and treatment, making the introduction of the app cost-neutral for physiotherapy practices. ONVZ and a.s.r will cover the costs of the use of the app for all patients, even those not insured with ONVZ or a.s.r.

By doing so, ONVZ and a.s.r. are helping to provide access to eHealth applications and supporting the emancipation of patients in the healthcare system.