Geek stereotyping proves outdated


The common geek stereotype is no more. Today’s geek has stopped being a socially inept, unkempt, sad sap loner who spends his spare time in his room to play videogames by himself. On the contrary, geeks take good care of themselves, they take pride in their appearance and they are no strangers to love, as demonstrated by a survey of 374 geeks conducted by insurer De Amersfoortse and online advisor Yezzer.nl. The survey also showed that a majority of geeks prefer to buy their financial products online.


Geeks are pioneers when it comes to new technology and gadgets. They are often the first to reflect on the digital future and embrace new developments. What is more, geeks tend to be highly educated and enterprising people. Some 13% of the surveyed geeks are self-employed; the percentage of self-employed in the general working population is 8%.

This makes geeks the ideal target group for insurer De Amersfoortse and online advisor Yezzer.nl. To gain a good understanding of what drives the average geek, they put on a survey of 374 self-professed geeks. And the results were surprising.

Stereotypes are outdated

The stereotypical idea of a geek is outdated in many respects. The survey shows that today’s geek has stopped being a socially inept, unkempt, sad sap loner who spends his spare time in his room to play videogames by himself. On the contrary, geeks take good care of themselves, they take pride in their appearance and they are no strangers to love.

Star Wars

Geeks today only seem to fit the stereotype when it comes to Star Wars. More than one-third (36%) of them used to have a crush on princess Leia , a fourth (27%) had a thing for Padmé Naberrie Amidala and 18% fancied Luke Skywalker. 18% of geeks do not like Star Wars, but the survey showed that the majority of them definitely do.

Geeks and love

Where choosing a life partner is concerned, appearances are just as important for most geeks (46%) as their potential partner’s intellect. Some (26%) have an explicit preference for a highly intelligent partner, while the same percentage of geeks select their life partner mainly based on their appearance.

Geeks are worthy rivals of macho-men as far as love-making. Just one in ten geeks (9%) said that they are completely baffled by the language of love. Conversely, a much larger percentage of geeks (47%) said that they were flirts by nature.

Appearances matter

The idea that geeks do not bother with their appearance turns out to be a thing of the past as well. Half of the respondents (50%) actually take pride in looking good and spend time on their appearance. Of course, some geeks have other priorities: a fourth of them (24%) try to minimize the time they spend on their looks as much as possible.

Today’s geeks are committed to a healthy lifestyle. A majority (65%) try to eat a healthy meal every night. Only 16% want their dinner to be quick and convenient; they do not care whether or not they eat vegetables.

Video games

The survey shows that it is a misconception to think that geeks mainly live in a virtual world. More than half of the respondents (54%) have an active offline social life. Just one in seven geeks (15%) lives their social life mostly online. Although nearly one in three geeks (29%) goes home to play video games right after a busy workweek, at least as many of them (32%) very much look forward to having a drink with colleagues on Friday afternoon. Not surprisingly, most geeks (41%) are more interested in visiting a LAN party than a foam party. Remarkably, however, one in three geeks (33%) does in fact prefer a foam party to a LAN party.

Preference for financial services online

A vast majority of the respondents (72%) choose to buy financial products online. Just 3% of geeks prefer to make a phone call or visit a branch to buy financial products. 14% of geeks do not have a preference either way. Half of the surveyed geeks (51%) is willing to pay a little more if that makes a financial product a more flexible. One is three (35%) looks for an appropriate balance between costs and flexibility.

Speed, convenience and financial security

Two-thirds of geeks (68%) regard speed and convenience as key criteria in choosing a financial product. They tend to opt for innovative, unfamiliar products in return for more speed and convenience of delivery. More than half (55%) want as much financial certainty as possible, while a fourth of respondents (25%) are prepared to take a gamble.

Most geeks (74%) do not like to be lectured about financial products and decide for themselves which product is right for them. Only 15% of geeks are just as happy doing their own research as leaving their choice of product up to a financial adviser. One in ten (10%) prefers to place their trust in a financial adviser.

For more information, see: www.amersfoortse.nl/nerdonderzoek

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